Mar 20, 2005

maintained largely by vitamins and tylenol

Ok. I woke up at eleven am as planned. I worked last night and went to bed at 7:00 am. But this was OK. I didn't want to sleep late because, for one, I've got a ton of things to do, and more importantly, I need to be able to fall asleep at ten or eleven pm tonight, so that I can wake up at five am tomorrow. So that I can get to the two week job I'm starting in the morning.

But I went back to sleep. I don't remember doing this. Last thing I remember is getting up and getting dressed. So, for some reason, today, when it actually matters what I'm doing sleep wise/waking up wise, I went back to sleep.

I slept until one pm.

This scews everything up. So I put together a plan: No coffee today + tylenol pm x 2 tonight = sleep/waking up on time in the morning. Wait. Let me amend that a little bit. The On Time part isn't a big deal. I'll get up on time. The question of will I get any sleep before an important day, that's the problem. Add to this question the fact that I'm nervous about tomorrow. Nervous = 0 sleep. Sometimes 5% sleep. It's a toss up.

Update: I had a cup of coffee.

What am I doing?

About Getting Nervous: In my estimation, getting nervous makes things official. To not be nervous about tomorrow would be to not take it seriously. I do better under my own self-imposed pressure. The coffee I've had isn't really part of that, though it smacks of self-sabotage (it really does). The conundrum is that I need coffee to operate (efficiently) today, so that I can operate (efficiently) tomorrow.

I have several things I need to do today.

Yet I'm doing this..

Yeah. This is bad.

I think I better call my mom..

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