Feb 19, 2012

Blue Apple

I had a dream that I was in a produce aisle. At some point I noticed a blue apple. At first I was surprised by an apple being blue but then I remembered, 'Oh, of course, blue apples! How could I have forgotten?'. Then I looked around and saw that there were whole bins of dark green and white apples. Then I woke up. I felt rested. But the question remained: Why a blue apple? Could this dream have something to do with finally admitting to myself that I really don't know that much about apples? That apples, like most fruits and vegetables, are full of surprises? The thing is, I was really happy about the apple being blue. I felt certain that I had simply lost track of such apples and was mildly shocked by my ability to completely forget such a thing. It felt almost careless on my part. And I felt a tiny bit guilty for the carelessness. And something about the blue apple corresponded with a pair of faded navy blue leather shoes I had in the fifth grade that I loved and wore with everything until they literally disintegrated. The colors in my dream were vibrant and occurred in strange and interesting combinations. It felt symbolic of creativity and ingenuity. Of endless possibilities on many, though wordless, fluent fronts in what is probably my lizard brain. Or is it my bird brain? So, in summary, my dream was good and it was about apples. Personally, I like mine cut into bite sized cubes mixed with some baby spinach and tossed with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Delish!