Dec 3, 2012


Why are things always described as "minty fresh"? Why not "cinnamony fresh"? You never hear people say "cinnamony"? Why is that? And who decided that mint is fresh? 

Is mint fresh?! 

Does mint have properties of freshness that cinnamon lacks? Does mint restore things to a fresher state? Or is it implicitly fresh? Would cinnamon not do the same thing that mint is purported to do? 

What is it that mint does?

Dec 2, 2012

Same Kitchen, Different Decade

Fun with re-staging old photos. Obviously, I'm in the 'figuring it out' stage. This was an impromptu attempt. I've started sorting through old photos looking for ones that might be good candidates or just challenging enough to be interesting. 

Here, my niece and I are in my mom's kitchen having what we call a 'Cookie Day'. We get together to make Christmas cookies at my mom's house each year. The first photo was taken in 2002. I find it funny that my mother's kitchen hasn't changed at all in ten years (the only thing staged for this re-do was positioning ourselves where we were standing in 2002. I got the idea to do thus twenty minutes before I left for my mom's house. We took one shot). 

Note that the little item on the shelf to the very left of both photos (a tiny double decker bus memento from a trip to London) is in exactly the same postion as it was in 2002. And that the plant in the background has gotten completely out of hand. The light is very different as is the general quality of the photo (better camera/digital = today). The hand mixer and bowl are unchanged. However, my niece is now as tall as I am. She's the only thing that makes any of this interesting. She was a good sport. It was fun. We'll definitely be doing this again.