Mar 16, 2005

if this is the algonquin round table, it's purely incidental

I stumbled upon something that I found disturbing. A serious writer let their seriousness about writing bleed rather bitterly out in the form of judgment onto another blog.

Another blog.

It was nasty to witness someone who is clearly not interested in the art/world of writing, to be confronted so rudely by the abuse of this particular, so called serious writer.

It appeared to be a frustrated attempt to pick on someone, anyone (afterall, there are so many victims to choose from) because the serious writer was afraid to pick on his/her own peers. That is, other serious/aspiring writers.

Of course critique, within context, is good. Critique was an important and necessary part of the design process when I was in school. I definitely wanted feedback about my work from other people who were in my field.

But this serious writer, who I assume doesn't need a blog to get published, yet blogs quite a bit, did not issue a thoughtful critique of this blogger's blog. And this blogger, who was clearly blogging for blog's sake, did not in any way request said critique.

And blogs, per se, are not necessarily the peer base for serious or aspiring writers.

Of course, this serious and abusive writer was well aware of this fact.

On a lighter note: in a few minutes I'm going to out to get a burrito. I then plan to spend a few hours getting some things organized, and then, later, to possibly view a DVD, as I have been jones-ing to watch movies for weeks.


  1. Update: the burrito wasn't very good. Not on par with previous burritos I've ordered from El Gusto. Mucho Gusto. I can never remember which it is. And the side of guacamole, though it appeared to have all the usual ingredients, had no flavor.

    The whole thing was a bad idea. I regret the decision. But I did rent Take The Money And Run. I haven't seen this movie in a long time. Overall: I give my plan a 4.

  2. Hand over the money I have a gub.

  3. I've never like burritos anyway...should've just ordered a pizza. LOL

  4. That "serious writer" wasn't me was it? Geesh, I hope not. I try to be nice, but sometimes lame writing just...just...makes me....lose control.

    Yo gusto burrito muy mucho!

  5. Do you like Woody Allen movies?

  6. Wow Vic! I can finally comment. I've been trying to get logged on since 7:30 this morning to ask you two questions. First, how was the burrito? and Second, what movie? Wouldn't you know it you've already answered my questions...

    If you are reading my mind, I am spending way too much time in bloggieland... (giggle)

  7. I love burritos.

    I hope this wicked slanderer wasn't me, though most don't confuse me with a serious author.

  8. boabhan sith, seriously, pizza. It has everything. And even when it's bad, it's OK.

    AB, NO! It wasn't you. I came across them via the "next blog" button. And, does that mean:
    "my burrito is full of life and quite macho", or, "my charasmatic burrito is too big for one person to eat"..? (because both of those were true).

    pirate, I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen..

    Kim, I'm afraid I'm going to start commenting on other people's posts in my own blog, it's so difficult right now. And, it IS weird how I answered those questions before anyone asked. I might be reading your mind, and not be realizing it..

    blog ho, skorts (much like sporks): the sum of the parts do not equal the whole! Also, if you are close to publishing something, please post something from it, or at least a synopsis.. (sorry, was unable to comment at your blog) And, no, it wasn't you. It wasn't anyone I have ever read before that day.

  9. so true. i thought of sporks, but that is not my axe to grind. i am sex and violence, not silverware. nor violence. just sex. it's my compartment.

    i had not considered's not much like i do on my little site. very different. maybe i'll put some up. thank you for saying you'd read it, though. or inferring.

  10. Victoria,

    So I've returned. Let's just say that my two nights as the guest host of The Smuck Show were a roaring success (You'll see. The tapes are in the mail). I want to let you know that your public there has not forgotten you. And, more to the point, Slotto (Slotto Happy, famed producer of all things Smuck), in particular, is missing you very much.

    While there, Slotto and I had the opportunity to share a bottle or two of metaxa after each night's taping. Whilst imbibing he (Slotto) reminded me that you are the only person in possession of transcripts from The Smuck Show's infamous second season (the warehous fire, my dear, it seems, consumed everything...EVERYTHING!).

    Please Victoria, do everyone a favor and unearth these transcripts for the hungry masses.

    The world is waiting, Victoria. the world is waiting.



  11. Who was the serious writer?? I want to know...they've broken the rules of the writers brotherhood/sisterhood/peoplehood(?)
    They should be publicly pointed at and made to feel really, really bad for what they did.

    Seems like someone needs a time out.

    Bummer about the burrito. I take great pride in bringing Mexican food to the Scottish table...even if they do pick at it and ask what the odd vegetable really is.Cilantro..whassat? *sigh*

    Try curry next time?

    I've missed commenting to you!

  12. blog ho, even just a little excerpt would be cool. Your fans are flexible.. at least I can say that to read something like this of yours wouldn't compromise my
    ho-association/image of you and (all things ho). I'm curious..

  13. p.j. smorg,

    Finally you are back..
    Slotto. Indeed. Good to hear that he's up and about. And your two nights, I can't wait to see this. When you guest on the Smuck Show, I dare say it is how it is really supposed to be. I wish you would consider picking it up and running with it, once and for all. I prefer your humor, no offense to anyone else (besides, I'm sure they'd agree).

    The lost season, yes, I have it. I'm not so sure I should just send it over, though. What if there is another fire? How come we don't have backups of these things? And I am sad to say that I will have to reconstruct our interview from memory (I have a few notes already) as during the Blogger fiasco, I wrote around it, tightened it up a bit, spell checked it, gave it a title, hit Publish To Post.. and it gave me a repeated message about the HTML being "broken". So I saved it, so I thought, and next time I checked it was gone.

    This is the only thing, blog related, that has ever made me cry (true story). I will get it back together. Or conduct another interview with you (you will have to phone it in, as they say).

    All things Smuck/frankenmonsterblog related will return presently. I did get a little off the track, smorg, true.


  14. lyvvie,
    I don't even know/remember the name of the blog that was the subject of all of this. I ran into it through the "next blog" button.

    Cilantro, it makes my day. I wish I knew how to cook Mexican food. (I'll be right over to Scotland for some Mexican, just let me get my coat..) I had some Italian food when I visited Ireland.. it lacked garlic. But I told myself I am here to experience Ireland, so I got with the program.

  15. Also, smorg:

    A bottle or TWO of Metaxa..?! That would have rendered you and Slotto downright FLAMABLE. I do assume that the last stop on those nights was for an ipecac night cap over at the nearest hospital..

    Count me in when I finally visit/ Sounds fun! Of course, I'll bring my own ipecac. I hate hospitals.

  16. Trust me, Victoria, after years of carousing with those folks at The Smuck Show my liver isn't pickled, it's petrified.

  17. Petrified liver. That's terrible. Maybe some green tea or vitamin E would help.

    I feel responsible for this.
    I'm nervous.

  18. It appears that the blogger was perceived by the serious writer as being the the worst thing happening in the writer's life at that moment.

    I'd say that that writer is either completely messed up or leading a charmed life. If it's the former, anything I do would make the situation worse. I should ignore it. If it's the latter, the writer is whining. I should ignore it. Thus, I can alleviate the problem using a judicious application of logic and apathy.

    It works for me.

  19. Yeah. The serious writer, the innocent (albeit pathetic) blogger.. it was bound to happen. I am surprised that it doesn't happen more often. Logic such as yours helps. Because, let's face it, people are annoying.