Nov 29, 2004

an interview with a secret santa

I had a job interview with my sister-in-law today. The position is for a set deigner, which is something I'm trained to do. Sort of. But since I haven't ever worked in my field, I feel insecure about my abilities. I had to muster up an image of myself doing this job. It's a happy image. When she asked me, So, does this sound like something you'd be interested in? I was like, Yes! But, do you think this is something I am capable of doing? Because again, seriously, I have no idea what goes on in the real world. But after she broke it down into little pieces, I felt less intimidated. In fact, I would love to design sets. I almost wish I wasn't so in love with the idea. Because, who knows. Maybe it won't work out! Oh, but a happy design situation. Designing. Not waitressing. In a month. Maybe. She still has to talk to her boss. So, as far as going out and getting real jobs goes, I guess there couldn't have been a cozier situation. I mean, it was my sister-in-law. The chick. You know, the best-best-thing-that-ever-happened-to-my-brother.. My secret-santa (and I'm her secret-santa this year too. Again. Which I'm sure is starting to look a bit suspicious). When I first got there, she showed me around. It's an enormous space. It was rooms and rooms filled with props, and plants, and bolts of fabric, and a thousand carpets, and a million chairs, and mattresses, not to mention entire KITCHENS looking as if they plopped down out of the sky into this otherwise endless concrete studio space. Pretend spaces designed by designers! And way in the back, a mile away, there was a husband and wife team quietly ironing and sewing everything together. Just cameras and wires everywhere. And planks of wood. And fireplaces. It's my dream come true. Assembling these alternate realities. Then tearing them down. Then starting all over. I LOVED IT. I wanted to live there. Right after this tour (which is as close as I've come to getting a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.. still waiting for those tickets.. ) we went into a conference room to sit down and talk. I showed her my portfolio and all of a sudden it was like this Professional Situation. Which is funny because usually we're sitting around at my mother's house smoking and drinking. So, yes, I really want this job. My God. I might be able to finally (drumroll..) quit waitressing. I may very well, at some point in January, get up in the morning (morning!!) to go to work. I'm so nervous. I just don't want to jinx any of this by prematurely discarding any of my insecurities, reservations, self doubts, like some careless all-believing-in-herself-all-filled-with-confidence sort. No, I have a whole month to worry about this.