Mar 22, 2005

it's design

And I love it.

Where else on Earth would I get to run around and do things like style a Christmas tree, look for Halloween/Christmas props in the prop room, get to hang out in the prop room (a facinating room, that's so cool I stayed and ate my lunch in there my first day) where there is everything imaginable under the sun on those shelves (I even found a photo of my neice in a box of photos used when a set needs real-people-photos for frames), assist my sister-in-law (so talented is she, I'm so proud of her) in finding paint colors appropriate for this account's sets, then look for sets (that alone is an adventure, just whole parts of houses warehoused and waiting to be picked), then look for appropriate furniture (there is A LOT of furniture), hang out on a set of a porch inside the studio while I figured out my Christmas tree, use a drill (for the first time in my life I drilled a screw into a wall), and be around so many different facets of design in one enormous building where everybody works together to make it all happen (and it happens fast). People who build sets, who care for the sets, who paint sets, who prepare rooms, who sew, iron, catalog items, soft stylists, food stylists, set stylists (that's me, in training), photographers, a woman who shops for everything..

Where else?

There are tools and wires and cameras and fabric and furniture (and sea shells, autumn leaves, rocks, lamps, books, plates, glassware, vases, framed art, plant life/flowers, pretend cakes, real cakes, pretend apples, pears and pumpkins, shoes, candles, jack-in-the-boxes, piles of old christmas cards and letters, typewriters, balls of yarn, spools of thread, drawers filled with buttons, bottles of laundry detergent, antique baby rattles, turn of the century wedding photos, tooth brushes, door knobs, bathtubs, spoons, African, Asian, Indian, and European artifact, a box filled with glass orbs and marbles, fire places.. all of it sorted by color) everywhere. It's a giant old industrial building (with a couple places way off in the seams of the building where people go to have secret cigarette meetings). And I have my own desk. And I can wear whatever I want.

It's DESIGN. I can't believe I'm going to be paid for this.

My sister-in-law is great, even when I'm a complete dork, she's cool. She's a absolute pro and she's already taught me a million things. And I love the fact that it is her that is teaching me all of this. I will always be able to say that she was my mentor. That is the cherry on top of this many layered chocolate cake. I'm actually sad that my first week (of the two that I'm sure of) is half over.

I love this job.


  1. I kept hoping for the next line to read...

    "And then I saw it...My couch!"

    I think you and that couch are somehow destined to come together. It sounds like the perfect place to find it the dusty forgottens of a theatre prop room.

    I love those places too. It's like you're five years old and hiding within the rails of clothes at the shops, or trying on your Grandma's costume jewelry. No one around to disturb you in your Ali's cave of treasure and secrets.

    I'm envious!

  2. yay, yay, yay Victoria! That's so great. Are you a Rhoda?

  3. I see many of story ideas with this new job. Good luck.

  4. Super, super, super news. I'm gladdened to hear it. And the music...was that yours? It was very nice. I hope it was yours or that won't make sense.

  5. lyvvie, it would be very much in keeping with that couch's behavior to turn up there, at my new job. And you got it to a T. It is exactly like that feeling you described..

    aughra, that's so crazy.. I just talked to this girl who wants to do window dressing "just like Rhoda". Right now I'm training to design sets for print ads/catalogs. But it seems everybody wants a shot at doing windows. And they ALWAYS add, "just like Rhoda"..

    pirate, thank you, I think so too..

  6. blog ho, thank you, It's nice to have good news to report..

    And (Huh?) what music are you talking about?

  7. see? I thought that might happen.

  8. I think I have finally figured you out. It took awhile, but I now know.

  9. I am so glad it is going well. You sound so excited and not worn out or complaining about lack of sleep or free time at all. Fingers crossed that you can cross over into the design field full-time...soon!

  10. Wow, someone who likes their job. I've heard of such a thing but never thought I'd actually see it. You're like a dodo bird, or a Yugo.

  11. LOL...where do I sign up?

    What kind of job is it?

    It sounds like you're working for a theater of some kind. I'm jealous...I haven't messed with any of that since highschool.

    Ah, of my favorite classes. I acted and did stage work...I'm so handy to have around.

  12. Wow! I'm glad to read you're gainfully employed in something you love.

    I know how you feel, too. I get to take pictures of old people's aching joints, and occasionally, their alimentary canal!

  13. Kim, Thank you. Yeah, it's weird it's the end of the week and I'm sad that week #1 is over! I'm such a dork..

    Harley, Very funny, dodo/Yugo. I am, at that..

    boabhan sith, I'm working at a commercial photo studio where I'm training to design sets for print work. Though, I gotta say, designing sets for the theater would be priceless..

    LBB, thank you.. You're a medical photographer? And (I'm almost afraid to ask..) what is an alimentary canal?

  14. Smorg, do you have Slotto's phone number? I can't find it and I need to ask him something (regarding you).


  15. Ring: 10 10 19 MN-7256

    After it rings twice dial: 09 09 11

    That will lead you staright to his receptionist, Inga. She's really sweet.
    Say hi to him for me...

  16. Thanks, Smorg. I talked with S (about F) for about forty minutes. He and Inga (AND, if you can believe it, Stanisklaus) all say hello. I'll e mail you the notes.