Aug 31, 2008

there's definitely a ghost in my machine

The computer I'm utilizing at the moment is indeed a machine.

A big fat piece of machinery. It's so ready to go - and I am so ready to make it go the way of old machines.

I can't wait. Then I'll get a new (probably refurbished), computer. A better, smaller, lighter, faster, happier computer.

I'll call it a devise. It will shine and be cool to the touch.

I will provide it with a soul - much as I did this one. This machine. So long ago.

As I sit here typing, taking bites of chocolate cake* - I realize how ridiculous that sounds. So long ago.

It was about seven years ago that I got this computer.

And then, about four years ago I started this blog.

Why is it that I have jeans that are fours years old that are still "new" - but this almost four year old blog started on this almost seven year old computer seem ancient?

Same goes for the experience I had recently while visiting
this site.

The Way Back Machine. I was impressed with how unlikely it all felt - as close to actual time travel I've ever come - this trip taken back in time via the internet.

Why is that?

A trip that took me back as many as five years (in some cases). Though The Way Back Machine has archives that go back as far back as 1996, most of my favorite websites were created within the last five years.

five whole years..

What the Internet Archive is doing is very cool. And will be as meaningful as time progresses as it is fascinating right now.

2004. A look back..

Seriously. Things have really changed.

*Cake, ineffective as a replacement for cigarettes.