Jan 13, 2005

coming soon

In the next issue of frankenmonsterblog:

A Day In The Life of Roman Grimiko..
Join us as we spend twenty four laughter (if not horseradich) packed hours with Roman Grimiko..

A Minute By Minute Breakdown Of Her Worst Hair Day Ever
For the first time ever Victoria speaks candidly about one of the worst days of her life.. It was one of the worst hair-dos in modern memory..

How Do They Do That?
Local tough guy reveals just how he instigates fights nearly every night of the week..

Gimme Two Dozen!
We asked a thousand people what they want from life. The answer? Doughnuts..

An Indepth Look At Winky Stanofowick: An Exclusive Interview..
A complex and surprising look at Winky Stanofowick: Her world, her way..


  1. You have my attention!

  2. I hate local tough.

  3. Am I too late to join the party?

  4. I'm in. Bring em on...

  5. ..ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the one and only, P.J. Smorg..(standing ovation)

  6. Roman Grimko is my fourth cousin's, sister-in law's, plumbers, mail order bride. What a dissapointment that transaction was.

    I can't wait to hear what that trany bounder is up to.

    Shot's of cheap vodka on the house... or the shed.

  7. yes, yes, Y, but Roman drinks crown on the rocka.