Dec 10, 2004

art and science

For some reason this makes me laugh click here.. It appears that the apple has finally lost his mind. And what about the banana? The box of cereal that he is pouring into the bowl has on it the very image that is on the product. Wow.. that is very tricky. I don't think it's possible. And when I look at it mathematically it just doesn't add up:
Given that photo X2 (depicting photo X1) must be taken at the time of X1: time (roughly E=mc2) is divided by X1 over X2 which equals one instant in real time (e.g., a pulse of light: size and position independant of speed and source) over 12 (= RT over 12). This is then divided by (La Principa de Mathematica..) 3.33 (to infinity) which is multiplied by 4.9 (to factoring in leap year) (so: RT over 12 divided by 3.33 x 4.9) which equals 0.0003 (NOT zero).. a very close call. However, in terms of absolutes, the answer of 0.0003 stongly suggests that the photographer and the banana would had to have been in two places at one time (at the same time) to get the result seen here. That is just not possible..

And this.
I love how it claims: It Soaks Children Clean Automatically. Yes. No doubt it does. As it says right on the front of the box, it contains hexachlorophene.. (Ah yes. Bleach. The sixties were a more innocent time. And with much cleaner children to be sure). This must have been perfect after a bad day for mom - to have something truly hospitol strength with which to soak her children clean. Real clean. Once and for all (..automatically). And hey, afterwards there's no need to scrub the bathtub. Infact, why not go ahead and throw the kids and the laundry in there all together? It's brilliant! It saves time.. but just the light colors. Careful, there! Bleach and dark clothes don't mix.. This product also works wonders on carports, boats, and gutters..

And while I'm at it, I love this.
In particular this guy who looks like he could be one of my brothers.
And this is a picture of me.

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This above address is responsible for what I've posted here today. I love the imaginaryworld.


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  2. Er? Bleach is sodium hypochlorite, 5.25% or so (to taste).

    Hexachlorophene is this thing here.

  3. Yeah.. I used some artistic license there for laughs
    I figured it probably wasn't bleach.. that word is just so atomic and toxic sounding (especially in the context of a bubble bath for children)that I had to exploit it for a laugh.. Of course the laugh is always on frankenmonsterblog in the end!

  4. The trouble with using artistic license on chemicals is that the colours get all runny. It's entirely possible that they taste the same though.

    I've always wondered: Does artistic license mean that we get to shoot them? (I usually reserve my use of artistic license to my guy Jack because, well, he seems to enjoy the whole "gun" thing, having been a soldier and all that.)

  5. ..oh it does change the taste! The texture, too..

  6. Hexachlorophene was then a popular antibacterial ingredient in a lot of toiletries, beginning with Dial soap.