May 6, 2012

Unknowable Soup

this soup is my rainbow
this soup is my sun
this is why I return to the 7-11
I just walk in
go right past the Doritos 
barely nod at the Ajax
and then 
the spicy noodle bowl aisle
so colorful
so plentiful
I take one down from the shelf
turn it over 
searching it
thinking about it 
these spicy noodles 
no, this isn't really soup 
this plastic, shrink wrapped 
$6.00 bowl 
this is a slick vehicle 
to an unknown destination
this soup, if we can even call it 
that, is the future 
as it unfolds in 
the imagination's memory
this soup is a killer 
this soup is jamais vu
and it will be the end of me 
this spicy noodle bowl

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