May 20, 2012


The background on my cell phone is an accurate representation of the weather as it is happening outside in real time. This has been going on for weeks with zero input from me. While at first I didn't know what to do or how I felt about it (it is difficult to express how this makes me feel), I've grown to accept and even enjoy the weather as it is represented on my cell phone. It, by it's very presence, assumes that I am always wondering about the weather which I've decided is 'funny' (and have added to the list of things I'll laugh about later). On average I look to my cell phone, to this particular screen with it's spot-on, constantly updated, intuitively generated replica of today's weather hundreds of times per day. I do it not to see if it's still sunny or warm outside so much as to be reassured that there still is weather outside. And the blue background (given specific coordinates, time of day, season and relative cloudiness) that is meant to represent the current sky-scape with it's various shades of blue and gray and it's, quite frankly, breathtaking sun icon (which is always right there in the center except after sundown when, without any fanfare, it becomes the moon) not only has the local weather down but, somehow, seems to understand me, too. In summary, my cell phone which renders simple, accurate representations of the weather wherever I am without my permission, any self-aggrandizing humble-brag nonsense or so much as a peep--knows. It just knows. And I've grown to accept and even enjoy the weather as it is rendered on my cell phone without any input from me. 

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