May 27, 2012

Just Ordinary Cleaning Today

Whenever I leave this one air conditioned room where I am currently doing everything–sleeping, working, eating, hop-scotching, cats-cradle-ing–I realize I've already forgotten how hot it is in the other, non-air conditioned rooms. It's the kind of heat that requires one's brain to play tricks on one. To make one forget, I guess, because otherwise the memory of this heat might permanently damage one's fragile id or ego or, at minimum, prevent one from ever leaving this, the one air conditioned room. Did I mention that it is actually quite hot here in this, the one air conditioned room? It is. It's just at a more reasonable level of oppression. One where a person's brain continues to maintain memories of the heat (what with the air conditioner on High and everything, I should certainly hope so). It seems that whenever I get the bright idea to have a day of extraordinary deep cleaning followed by calming, restorative organizing, that the weather works against me. It seems that I can only deep clean when it is cool with low humidity. That I can not comfortably nor restoratively organize in broiling heat. And, as this cleaning was meant to be a departure (in lieu of going out of town this weekend) as opposed to the normal, everyday kind of cleaning, it is with sadness that I report that I will just be ordinarily cleaning today.

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