Dec 6, 2008

please disregard previous post

The thing I wrote about the letters was nice and everything. But it was merely an exercise in avoiding the reality of the situation.

In all truth:

I need to file.

I need to FILE badly.

That's how the thing with the letters started in the first place (how typical that I instead sat back and enjoyed reading the letters).

I feel, here (with the shredder sitting not a foot away) that it's probably a good idea to simply purge all files right now, and begin again.

Not the letters (or cards), but the all the rest that has piled up as a result of the letters (and cards), so to speak.

"Letters (and cards)" being a sort of umbrella - meant to describe a myriad of things that have come my way since my dad died.

Things that require special focus. And any lack of special focus meant a stack of such proportions would grow in my office. Not like a weed, but like a database.

I let my files go - for too long.

Now I see a stack of recipes, bills and various diary entries (all written on random pieces of paper - all without any dates to lend any context) and tears from magazines for a million different purposes - all mixed together in one neat 4' high 8.5 x 11 stack.

It's a stack with sharp edges that is placed at a right angle to the room, and points East, if that matters.

For whatever reason the kittens have not disturbed it, and for that I'm very glad.

And - I can only hope that it's just receipts, recipes, etc.

Really, I have no idea.

Rather than a shredder, what I need is an incinerator. As the idea of using my shredder for so many hours makes me cringe. How loud of me?

Because we recently upgraded to a better one.

Better meaning louder.

Better not being extraordinary.

extraordinary = quieter

quieter = $ + extrodinary

This, too, applies to vacuum cleaners. An upgrade will only be louder. It's only when one begins loitering in the "investment" tier of vacuum buying - that the vacuums begin being quieter.

Much, much quieter.

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