Dec 12, 2007

other kitchens, other lives

Today I looked through a magazine that had this whole five page thing (photos, personal accounts, recipes) on this couple and their ground breaking new kitchen.

I realized that these guys have the basic floor plan for what is my existing kitchen.


Life is funny like that.

Unlike me, they (the couple in the magazine) own their space, have a disposable income, time, and photographers.

None of that mattering, at some point, while reading this article, I moved in (into their kitchen).

I live there now.

In other news, I should be shopping right now. At least part of me thinks so. I still have my boots on (melted mud-snow puddles are forming beneath my desk as I write this).


I can't get comfortable just yet.

Because I know I am supposed to go out and shop.

But I don't want to shop.

If I did, I would shop.


And by shop I mean grocery shop (I've barely begun the other kind).

Why can't there be three or four of me?

One who would do the errands. The other two or three who would do everything else.


I don't enjoy it.

I went Christmas shopping once so far. If you can call scrolling through Zappos during my lunch hour shopping.

It was a successful mission.

(so far, this season)

I got my boyfriend some nice new warm boots which I already gave him (the weather dictates necessity).

Zappos. It really is overnight.

The boots arrived yesterday. He wore them today.

All day. Out there in the bad weather.

Bad wet weather. Melting snow. Icy sidewalks.

It messy and cold.

But, for at least his feet, it is warm.

And dry.

And cushioned (that's important).

I will use Zappos again.

Zappos = immediate.

It's too easy.

This is why I've never used Zappos before.

This is why I will use Zappos again.

I'm taking my own boots off, now.

I'm going to push off grocery shopping one more day.

What the hell.

Their kitchen (the guys from the magazine)? STOCKED. With everything.

Mine? Not so much.



Pizza? Deffinitely.


  1. Why would a young couple need such stocked cupboards? Are they caterers? I doubt it. I'm sure it was for the photos. All those boxes were empty, because real people don't have overfull cupboards because then they just end up throwing all the stuff out when it's 6 months past sell by date.

    You are real people. They are fakes. Real people buy pizza and put off grocery shopping. I love you for being real.

    Now must look at winter boots on Zappos.

  2. Thanks, lyvvie!

    You are a dear (and zappos is addictive!)