Dec 8, 2007


At some point last night I fell asleep while watching television.

Oprah must have come on in the form of a rerun - and it integrated into a dream I was had where someone was talking about me to Oprah as though I had serious problems with something.

I woke up to my boyfriend asking me if I needed anything.

I should have gotten up at that point and said,

Yes, lets go out..

I didn't. But I should have. Because, right then I had had enough sleep.

Because I have a problem with leaving the warmth of my apartment these days.

The Oprah dream was so real.

In other news - a plug for Picante on Division in Wicker Park:

We love you.

And your sign that explains (so straightforwardly) that you no longer make tamales (because they take too much time to do it the right way - and refuse to do it the wrong way).

Integrity. Got to love that.

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