Nov 11, 2007


Thank you to a little vintage store called Lenny and Me (Chicago). Not fun-me shopping, but gifts. Alas, I love this store.

That's one.


A friend of mine (without any provocation) decided to lend me some movies. How did she know I wouldn't feel like supplementing my netflix with a trip to video store this weekend?


As well, my boyfriend's friend - who is certainly lending him some dvds as I write this. Because he always does. And that's always good.


I skipped five. Just now I learned something bad about five. Thank you, six. For stepping up.

And, finally, seven:

Fege yogurt. Where have you been hiding?

I love Fege yogurt. I have never felt as free to simply eat sour cream right out of the container like this before.

I know. It's yogurt. Only it's thicker, smoother.



  1. Your blog comes out first for a google of "fege yogurt" so that's nice. Greek yogurt is what we call it, and it is divine with honey and almonds. I like a big spoonful dropped into a hot bowl of spicy lentil soup, and it's much better on Mexican food (Nachos!!) than sour cream.

    Weird how five is considered such an unlucky number. We should all be glad six is there to support us.

    So, what movies?

  2. Now I must try fege in lentil soup.

    I love lentil soup. Seriously..

  3. Rope and Frenzy. Not Hitchcock's best - but still..