Nov 15, 2007

fege yogurt: anytime, anywhere

It turns out that holding down a job while trying to maintain a google ranking is not as easy as it sounds.

Particularly when it comes to Fege yogurt.

Sometimes my google ranking is gone altogether. As though I've never written the words Fege yogurt anywhere. Ever.

And I feel bad.

And this, even when I employ very specific key words. Or quote my entire post in the cache bar.

No. Nothing.

Then, after I've completely calmed down, dried my eyes, and made myself a salad - that is, gone through the full spectrum of emotions that leads to real acceptance - am I suddenly back. In there. Somewhere in the middle of the google page that corresponds to the keywords Fege yogurt.

Then, a few hours later, quite casually (no alarm sounds) my listing is gone.

Then, it's back.

And I'm laughing, and everything is going to be alright.

Maybe it's the second listing. Maybe the third. But that's ok.

Then it's somewhere on the page.

Somewhere could be anywhere.

Which invariably leads to being nowhere on the page.

And on and on.


Once, briefly, my google listing for Fege yogurt was in a little cloud that formed above the top of the page.

Actually, it was above the top of my desk. Quite near my computer.

But this was only once, and very briefly..

1 comment:

  1. My search still has you at number one. Sleep well with that. Eat soup. I'm making it for dinner tonight too. Yummy.