Nov 19, 2007


Blogs don't run in real time.

The first post I ever wrote was about my Thanksgiving hangover.
Actually, it was about the dry toast I ate after having become sick due to my Thanksgiving drinking escapade - that began on Thanksgiving (but bled into the next day) and those were altogether different times (with altogether different problems) that (thankfully) are no longer the case, but (and) it makes sense (that I was hungover to such a degree).

It was titled toast. That first post. And it was deleted millions of years ago.

I started this blog three years ago.

But it might as well have been nine years ago.

Time - weirdness.

The same memories about events that I've blogged about back then - seem more or less as many days or months ago as those events actually were.

Yet the posts that I wrote regarding said events - take on an ancient quality that I can't explain (to myself, I'm talking to myself - I know).


Just now someone downstairs threw an incredible amount of beer bottles into the garbage. I'm on the third floor. The window is open tonight as it is unseasonably balmy.

That was a lot of beer.

Whatever. I am sure that time is warped in this medium. Integarted into one's life, the blogger produces a record of sorts. The kind that (at least) I can't shred - or otherwise toss out.

Because the DELETE THIS BLOG button..?

Is priceless.


  1. I fear the delete this blog button. It's like instant death. Bloggers cyanide pill. What if you hit it by mistake?! No going back. It give me hives. Big itchy worrisome hives. It's a bad button.

  2. Bad button!

    Do you "back up" your blog anywhere (like on a disk - do people do that)?

    Your blog looks great, BTW..