Apr 5, 2012

I've Always Loved The Bean

The Bean makes me feel like I'm walking though the other side of a mirror-world. Or, like there's an upside down sky that I might fall into if I'm not perfectly careful. Or that maybe it is possible to reflect everything in the world all at once--at least everything in Chicago--just so long as your mirror is properly shaped like a Bean.

Walking slowly up to the Bean--something I do more often than I care to admit--while looking at it as a whole, as a sculpture, or while specifically looking for myself or whomever I happen to be with in the reflection of the Bean, is, at the very least, mildly dizzying. As well, my eyes are drawn to the reflection of the sun which seems to shut down parts of my vision for whole minutes. So, naturally, I keep losing track of where my feet go. And of where the ground is. 

You can see hundreds of people approaching the Bean. Most while looking through their cameras and phones. After a few minutes of looking at the Bean I definitely feel less attached to the ground and more weightless than I prefer. As though tripping and falling could actually mean crashing through the sky. Which, as fun, reflective, upside down ideas go, is suboptimal for me. Yet I keep returning. I just love the Bean. 

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