May 6, 2009

like clock work

At precisely 11:11 (each day, sometimes twice a day) I think of a high school friend who announced whenever it was 11:11 that 11:11 was her favorite time.

This went on for years.

And, if it happens to be 8:22, my mom will say, hi dad.

Because 822 was the address of the two-flat where some member (or combination of members) of my family lived for a million years.

Only, now I do it, too. I say, hi grandpa.

I don't know when this started or how I got involved.

Furthermore, if it's 11:19, or if it's November 19th, I think of my grandmother and my brother because - just because.

You get what I'm saying.

That makes six potential instances (each day) where I think of these people or things.

In summary, if you want to be remembered make certain to announce your favorite time to people. Really drive it home. Tell them over and over.

Tell them. Then tell them again. Even though they heard you the first time.

Because, I haven't seen this person in years - and I think of her at least once a day.

Each day.


  1. That is so interseting. I've never thought about. But I always call my mom and sister at the same time. I wonder if that counts? I hope all your reminders are good ones!

  2. When I see 11:11 I remember a sleep over I had a friend's house when I was 13, jealous as hell as she'd just gotten red Reebok high tops like Whoopie wore in Jumpin' Jack Flash, and how I wanted them to go with my turquoise top. But we were being silly and forcing ourselves to stay up late, getting punchy and giggling like mad and I saw 11:11 on the clock and shouted "411" and we fell over laughing as if it was the funniest thing ever - and at the time it was. So whenever I see 11:11, I say "411" and remember my childhood friend, laughing like a lunatic and being truly happy.