Apr 30, 2009

frankenmonsterblog on rye with tomato

Hold the onion and mayo.


How much money is in my back account?


I have no idea

I am in full-on avoidance mode.

Today, like yesterday and the day before that, it is cloudy with occasional showers.

The sky, during the day, is basically just one color all day.

To be fair, if the sun were shining right now, I probably wouldn't be happy about it.

It's neither warm nor cold.

Neither spring nor winter.

It's April.

No. It's not even April.

It's not any month, nor any season.

It's Thursday. Yes. Technically speaking.

It was just "Wednesday" (as recently as yesterday)..

But NOT anymore!

The following (unlike the above) is a list of nothing of any importance (in no particular order):

The new cell phone (from a couple of months ago) has been replaced with the old phone, again (this just happened)

The old info on my old phone was still intact (I find this to be incredible; almost outstanding)

I now hear my old ring tone when it rings - making me feel as though possibly I have successfully gone back in time.

All of this has led me to wonder if the my "new phone" wasn't the source of whatever it is that's currently cursing my life

The new phone is in a drawer awaiting trial

Hearing my old ring tone is soothing to my ears

I do not want my old new phone back

Jobs are few and far in between

I need to make several decisions - soon

I am a bit hormonal at the moment

Last night I had a dream about my old Sesame Street 45's

I just recently saw The Wrestler

I re-watched The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

I need to pay my rent

Will it be for that last time..?

It's anyone's guess.

I'd rather "decide" than wait and wager with my fate

I was yelling about this (at myself) yesterday

What is the alternative? Stay here until they kick me out?

No thanks.

I've been a good tenant. They have been good landlords.

I won't make them "dump" me.

I would rather leave paid in full

Why is it that so many people don't get this?

Everyone keeps saying, "just wait and see?".

Are you fricking kidding me..?

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