Nov 4, 2005

people + people


People. They are misunderstood.
They are well understood.
Either way.


People waiting for the train. People waiting for a sign. People signing papers. People with too much paper. People with too much anger. People without recourse. People without imagination. People drying out. People going out. People coming in. People breaking down. People breaking promises. People breaking other people's dishes. People making brownies. People making love.

People with ideas.

Ideas that they embrace.
Ideas that they cultivate.
Ideas that they hone.
Ideas that they apply.

Ideas that they abandon.

Sometimes people live their lives.

Sometimes people throw other people off of the scent.

People. They have chocolate, they have rain clouds, they have blank sheets of paper.

They have gasoline, plastic sandwich bags, pumpkins, diamond jewelry, and intuition.

They have subtlety, integrity, canned peas, sideways glances, inference, and departure.

People. They have sweater sets.

People ring bells. People wear rings. People wear thin.

People. They pray. They swear. They write poetry. They go silent. They go crazy. They give up. They let go.

Sometimes people give in.

People. With dead batteries. With dead cell phones. With dead ideas. With crashed computers. With crushed flowers. With fallen hems or fallen empires. With magic. With a smile on their face. People that are face to face. Eye to eye. Nose to nose.

People with their hands pressed together.

People. With things remembered yet not learned. With things learned yet not practiced. With things practiced yet not felt. With things felt yet not expressed. With things expressed yet not remembered.

With things surpressed in their minds, but not in their hearts. With things expressed in their gestures, but not with their words.

People. With things pressed between the pages of a book.

Sometimes people want things. To get away with things. To rearrange things. To repair things. To understand things. To remember things. Sometimes people want less things. Better things. To admire things. To search for things. To search for meaning.

Sometimes people pause to look in the mirror.

People. They are seen. Sometimes no one sees them. Sometimes people see people and they think no one sees them. Sometimes people spy. Sometimes people know they are being spied upon. Sometimes they let it happen. Sometimes people see other people from a distance. Sometimes people look for people. Sometimes people are seen right through.

People seek beauty. People look for flaws.

People can't tear their eyes away from horror.

I disagree = I know
I wish = I fail
I try = I apologize
I hate = I assume
I attempt = I ignore
I admit = I lie
I avoid = I want
I love = I lack


  1. I hate people. They came for Katrina. They didn't go home. More came for Rita. They didn't go home either. I wish they'd all just find someplace else to go...

  2. I LOVED that post!

    I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while.

    All of that is so true!

  3. They miss people too. I miss you.