Aug 3, 2013

Cake and Coffee Reception

The tv in the white finished basement 
at the cake and coffee reception
was turned down, that day
I saw a sparkling sponge mop 
glide across a floor,  
I saw the game show host  
hold his microphone like a magic wand,
the cake, decorated with yellow roses, 
was brought officially down,
the coffee urn's orange light: ready to go,
there was the sound of bangles tinkling 
of nylons, of rayon   
of gold cigarette lighters clicking
of puffing 
of forks clinking 
of metal folding chairs scrapping the twinkling 
white terrazzo tile 
as the cutting 
of the first communion cake squares 
and there were not enough yellow roses
to go around 
and a few girls in white veils 
looked tired of smiling
they got white gift wrapped boxes
they got hearts and crosses
white velvet
diamonds and gold.

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