Jun 19, 2012


You know, I could live in this glass of soda water. I could. I'd live in one of the bubbles. I'd sit cross legged and float in the nothing-nowhere. It would be cool and quiet. It would be like rolling through the hills in a brand new car on a brand new road. And life would be good. Too good, maybe. Sometimes I'd watch the other bubbles. But mostly I wouldn't bother. I'd just sort of un-focus my eyes and space out. I'd be able to really think in there, too. Not right away. But after a couple days the clear thinking would start and I'd be off finally solving mathematical mysteries or writing novels in my head. And the world outside the glass would dissolve away and, ultimately, lose all context and meaning for me. Which would be fine. Like an insect, I would no longer care nor actually be able to fathom the human-scale world. I would be small. Very, very small. And living in a bubble. 

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