Jul 9, 2010


I woke up feeling like I had slept for the first time in months.

I'm certain, according to my own made up unscientific notions, that outer regions of my brain do not get any rest until the middle-most portion has gotten it's rest, first.

Such unscientific notions are the very backbone of this operation, gentle reader. Try to keep up?

Imagine a blot of dark ink that travels outward toward the edges of the paper.

This is rest.

For me. For my brain.

It starts in the middle of my brain and works its way out. And there is no skipping ahead to the outer reaches under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, the outer reaches of my brain is where all of the really important, day-by-day functions are located (in my brain, I have no idea about your brain - nor anything whatsoever about real brains).

So, somehow I woke up this morning having gotten 100% rest. For every part of my brain. And, though my dreams were quickly forgotten, the feeling of being 100% rested will never be forgotten.

My Whole Life Became ..Better.


No, thanks. In fact, this bagel and cream cheese can go right out the window.


Maybe for fun. Maybe in Spain. But certainly not right now.

Wash my face?

Why ever would I wash my face in light of such restful sleep?


No. I can finally throw all of these ridiculous (for that matter, terribly decorated) pieces of paper right down the toilet.

As it should be!

That's what I always say.

No. Sleep is my only currency now..

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