Nov 16, 2008

a mirror held up to another mirror

Blogging about my blog again:

I thought about changing the appearance of my blog. Back when I originally changed it, it was by manually changing the html code.

The new Blogger has New Templates! that are actually the same ones Blogger provided four years ago.

These new templates do provide a new way of changing one's template, however. And that sounded easy and intriguing.

But the new method is very limited with only about thirty colors, and the same six fonts as before.

I changed the whole thing, anyway.

When I was done I was nauseated by the result.

Then I had a moment of panic when it seemed I had changed my blog permanently.

Even though I saved my original template, I had no idea how to access it.

I completely freaked out. The thought of starting from scratch and tweaking my blog to get it back to square one - was daunting.

I just threw up my hands and considered walking away from this blog forever. Finally!

But then I found it. Actually, the default button. It was right there the whole time.

Another reason I can't use Blogger's new templates is that they all (that's all of them - all, every single one) contain these crazy, useless arrows.

Just arrows for no reason. Pointing in every direction. Arrows made bolder than anything else on the page - with no way to remove them.

I don't get it.

I thought about it for a few hours, too. What am I missing here? Why all the arrows?

What is the benefit of all of those arrows?

At what meeting did the idea of "millions of arrows" beat out "no arrows"?

Those arrows look insane.

I might start a completely new blog simply to change the appearance of this one.

The question is: does posting about the appearance of one's blog at all justify having a blog?

Back to html..


  1. I get bored with templates and move on to new ones. I'll scour the internet for weeks trying to decide on the new design, then have to figure out how to make it work, tweak the colours, fonts, new links, redo all the widgets.

    ...and yet I still haven't scraped the bad paint off the bathroom wall.

    Some kinds of redecoration are more interesting than others.

  2. Exactly!

    I have rooms - you know, an actual HOME to design - why am I spending hours on THIS!?

    So funny, Lyv!