Oct 6, 2007


A quick note on blogs:

I realized today that some of the blogs that I used to read are now gone.

I'm editing my blogroll as I write this, as I found certain addresses bought out by either adult or splog sites.

That kind of discovery is alarming.

..what on earth has happened to you.. where was I ..? maybe I could have helped.. I had no idea it had gotten so bad..

Others blogs were abandoned, that is, not updated in over a year (in one case, eighteen years).

Where was I?

It's about time and interest. I get it.

I have no time and little interst. Yet I update today.


Why don't I let go of my blog?

Yes, why..


I got a new bookcase and it turns out that I hate organizing books.

Arranging books by color is pleasing to the eye- but simply makes no sense.

I don't want to stage my apartment as I stage things for a living.

So I put my books into catagories. This alone took hours.

And some things fit in more than one catagory. So this required that I decide some things about my books (in some permanent way). Something that I knew as I was doing it would not matter to me whenever I walked away from the bookcase, but mattered so much right then.

And the new bookcase is tricky. At first glance the shelves look to be uniform in height. In reality, they increase in size in increments of a quarter inch from top to bottom.

This threw off my (finally) established catagories in bad way.

So I worked on this all day.

Now all of the books are in the bookcase and it probably weighs about five hundred pounds.

And I stand back and realize that the whole thing needs to move about six inches to the left.

And the books look ugly..

(though they make sense)

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  1. I'm sure I saw an Oprah about a dozen years ago that said to cover books in multicoloured paper covers that you could colour coordinate and alphabetize at once. But that would be quite a project. I myself favour the throw them in and hope for the best.

    Keep the blog, I read it.

    Eighteen years??