Jan 12, 2007

I've lived here my whole life

And I've never been to the South side.


I'm from the North side.

And I'm an ass.

I didn't know where I was.

I had no idea that deer would roam (the hospital campus).

And trees (!) it was like a forest.

I think it was a forest.

It was quite lovely.

And horribly confusing.

This is the biggest, most interconnected complex of buildings I've ever seen.

It was like those dreams. No matter how far you walk, you're never there.

Each corridor leading to another exact replica of the corridor before it.

With no visually compelling landmark anywhere to distinguish one station from the next.

It was like the first day in high school.

But worse. Bigger. More confusing. More dire.

I just wanted to get to you.

To your room.

This place.

It's where you will use your incredible strength to get better.

This is where you will heal.

And, baby, I will get to your room. Eventually

And I'll get the South Side all figured out.

I could drive illegally to the hospital in your truck.

As you suggested.

But that might create more problems (though Cassevettes would approve).

I called you tonight, when I got home.

You're doing well.

One more month.

You have some gaps - but your brain is ok.

It will all work out.

I'll make sure of it.

We all will.

You are the most loved motherfucker I've ever met.



There is no such thing as an ex Marine.





Good as the day is long.


This is the place.

The far, far away, South-Side place.

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