Aug 5, 2006

Mona: so goth, so scary

I need a vacation.

I forgot until today that it's the fifth of August. My bills!

So, last night I was looking at the Mona Lisa in a book I took from my dad's house. Despite the redundancy of the Mona Lisa, I like the Mona Lisa. I've never seen the real thing. But I like what I have seen. And seeing as I (and all humans) have probably seen more images of Mona Lisa than of anyone or anything else in the world, it's a good thing (that I like her). I was paging through this book knowing that she was inside. I was looking forward to seeing her. Just sort of winding down and getting myself ready to fall asleep. But then I did come across her page. And all of a sudden I became very afraid of her. Mona Lisa seemed dark and evil. As though she could see me, too, (and was looking right through me). This was unprecedented. I got up and turned on every light in my apartment. Then I made myself an ice water and watched the news. It was in this fashion that I talked myself back down.

Mona Lisa.. not evil. Mona Lisa.. not an asshole.

I went to sleep. But the Mona Lisa (which never sleeps) remains a bit of an issue. For five hundred years, Mona Lisa. Just sitting there. Hands folded. So lady like. Waiting. Like a spider.

I don't know what to do.


  1. I think if you shut the book she won't be able to see you. That's what I do with all of mine.