Aug 18, 2005

brain damage

I think I might have a touch of brain damage.

I've had a song stuck in my head for four days. I hear this song so much, that I don't even hear it anymore. Then I'll stop what I'm doing ..and wait, no, no's still there.

It's always there.

I'm starting to think that there might be something wrong with me.

Me. My brain. Both me and my brain.

The Flower Called Nowhere, by Stereolab. It's supposedly about boats. Small boat. But I've come to the realization that it's about taking life for granted. And if you know this song, you know that it has a certain, spiraling-slowly-around-as-the-traffic-rushes-past-you, other worldly, sort of ..I do believe I am floating very pleasantly right towards disaster but it's so nice that I think I'll just keep going.. quality.

It's not for every situation. This song.

And hearing it in my head all of the time is starting to mess with my life. Particularly at work.

It all started a few days ago, after I hit my head at work. And I hit my head about a week before that, too. As well as about a month before that. And I had a serious head injury not too long ago.

So, I'm beginning to think that there might be a correlation. Between hitting my head and hearing this song.

I don't know. And I used to like this song.

I finally googled to find a solution to this problem. One thing I heard again and again was to simply listen to the song. Actually listen to it. In reality. On the disk. Reason being, that your brain might not be able to conclude the song. So, even as I knew that my brain knew the ending of this song, I tried this. A couple of times.

It was so boring. I have to say.

And it didn't work.

It's funny how slowly it dawns on a person that there might be a problem. At first, this didn't bother me. Of course not. It happens to all of us. When does a day go by where you don't hear somebody say, ..Help! There's a song stuck in my head..!

But then a day does go by. And I'm thinking ..Ok, what song is going to get stuck in my head today?

And there it is. Again.


  1. The Germans have a word for getting a song stuck in your head. It translates as "Ear worms". I like that, it makes me chuckle. But it's still no consolation when you get fricking westlife stuck in your head. WESTLIFE! My god, what have I done to deserve that?

    Excuse me, I must go and scrub my brain.

  2. if i only had a brain from wizard of oz is my ear worm.

  3. i really liked, "I do believe I am floating very pleasantly right towards disaster but it's so nice that I think I'll just keep going..." when i said it aloud it was smooth and pretty sounding and i repeated to all my friends for the next few days. everyone liked the sound of it and most wondered where it came from. so, thanks for making my week and i was wondering: where did that come from? i'd assumed you thought it up but everyone questioned me and so i wanted to know if it really was from your mind or a song or poem. thanks and sorry for questioning your ingenuity!